DJ Maggie - Elixir


DJ Maggie · Elixir
This is a live recording of my set from June 6 on my weekly Twitch show, Omakase. Chill, but groovy. Check out my streams on my Twitch channel Marka - Limescale Kercha - Letters Bop - Beach Simulator 3D Dillard - Enter The Ocean AtyyA - Circularium DE-TU & Congi - Shallow Waters Mungk - Meditate Mike Sheridan - Stilhed VALENTIN STIP - Nwia Skysia - Dusk Zonra - Square One Relativity Lounge - Contraband Hibernation ft. Jello Vibes - Jello & Jaice (Summer Vibes Mix) Erothyme - Grace is Real (with Cello Joe and Seth Orin) R U OFF - RUNNING BACK TIME Ak?n Sevgör - 14 Days Astropilot, UJO - 35 ? Auditive Escape - Geode I Awake - Neveritized Blossom - Horizon CharlestheFirst - Searching (interlude) Wagz - After Hours Djrum - Induction Rose, Anile, Synth Sense - Seeking You Silent Dust - A Million Words Bop - Insight Oak - Twilight Sorse - Clouds Ink Project - The End feat. Fifi Rong (Synkro Remix) Oscillist - Finding Solace Akuratyde - November's End (Silent Dust Remix) Stillhead - Recreational Beats Kiyoko - Headlights anomaly - Sometimes Nym - Subnatural Zen Baboon - Chocolate Sushi (Summer Edit) EMOG - The Temperance Equanimous & So Frickin Chill - Wonder feat. Elli Espi (Skysia Remix) Ak?n Sevgör - Someone Else Rohne - Highlands
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