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Jam & Beets

DJ Maggie · Jam & Beets
This is the set I played in July 2021 at Unity Through Community in Tempe, Arizona as part of the event An Evening with Bluetech feat. DJ Maggie. Tracklist: Zero Theory - This is Endless Mungk - Buzuq Riddim Ourman - Rub A Thug Jafu - No More Akal Dub - Revival Trippin Jaguar - Imaginarium Mercy & Audialist - Snapple Bottle Author - On The Boil (feat Quantum Soul) Kercha - Rope Kilowatts - Transmogrifier Youth & Gaudi - Black Crow Dub (Kaya Project Remix) Tactyl - Expenssion Entheo - Ojai Lights Deep Forest Warrior - To Be With You (ft Marilyn Fox) Illinton & Dimos Goudaroulis - Brazilian Cello Satori - Mori Shej ft. Peia
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