DJ Maggie - Retreatment


DJ Maggie · Retreatment
This is a closing set I played for a private retreat called Tropical Oasis in Palm Springs on Halloween 2021. Tracklist: Rohne - Phase Technical Thoughts - Spectre Dachshund Keerd - Ancient Lake Ambassadeurs - Remants M-Seven - Time Line Jean du Voyage - Om (feat. Isla) Tor - Kanta Hidden Orchestra - Alyth (Nuage Remix) Little People - Enola Martin Roth - Escape Gidge - Over Phaeleh - Halo beatfarmer - Teatime (ambient mix) Crna Droga - Modern Quartet Track 03 Thylacine - Olatu Trippin Jaguar - Kampa Kaima Tosca - Annanas (Uko Dub) Frameworks - Expansion Kaya Project - Always Waiting (Gnomes of Kush & D-Echo Project Remix) Nym - Sleep EMOG - The Hierophant il-lo - Alma (Frameworks Remix) Delectatio - Boundless KiloWatts - The Story Unfolding (with Samuel Wexler) Melokind - Harry Cutter Carbon Based Lifeforms - Clouds
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