Sway (Mix created for RadiOzora)

Sway (Mix created for RadiOzora)

radiOzora · DJ MAGGIE | In Focus | 04/05/2021

RadiOzora, the 24/7 online radio station for the venerable Ozora festival, invited me to make a mix in May 2021, which was aired alongside an interview I gave. This is the link to the mix that aired, which I titled "Sway".

Marconi Union - Weightless (Part 2)
Akın Sevgör - Gray Faces
Rohne - Currents
Oak - Sandman (VIP)
Tellus - 8 Weeks
Mike Sheridan - Dine Grønne Øjne
Biome - Ghost
Balancé & Noya Project - B-NP--2
Bluetech - Three Worlds
Kercha - Fulminating
ATYYA x Dillard - Eon
Phaeleh - Journey
Aligning Minds - In The Wake Of Forever

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