Synaptic Serenade

Synaptic Serenade

DJ Maggie · Synaptic Serenade

This is a live recording of a closing set I played out in the dusty desert for a Moontribe Full Moon Gathering in March of 2023.

pheel. - stunted.
beatfarmer - This! (Lo.Renzo remix)
EMOG - Kayra Han
Erothyme - Inspiral (feat. Jessica Sirena)
Kaya Project - Beware The Drunken Master (Digitalis Remix)
Giyo - Lightform
Bluetech - 667 (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
Matija - Super Elastic (Daniel Hokum Remix)
islandman - Future Days
The Crystal Method - Dubiliscous Groove
Akuandub - Ether
beatfarmer - Afrosplat
Hedflux - Sines of Progress
Aligning Minds - Weeping Willow
EMOG & FR∆SER Live - The Tower
Foxtail - Dussek's Sonata
Thought Process - Beauty Beyond A Web Of Confusion
Ourman - Out Here
Mungk - Meditate
AtyyA - Exalted (ADM X EVE Remix)
Kercha - A Very Strange Man
TRUTH - Sacred
Akal Dub - Revival
11th Hour - Ashkhar
Liquid Bloom PERE feat. Paul Stamets - The Mycelium is Listening (Subliminull Remix)

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