Dessert in the Dust

Dessert in the Dust

DJ Maggie · Dessert In The Dust

This is the first two hours of a live recording of my closing set at Moontribe Full Moon Gathering in April 2022. It was warm, but winds were sustained at 32mph with gusts even stronger, making DJing a serious challenge. Towards the end of my set, I had to keep one finger on my laptop since the wind was scooting it across the table towards me, leaving only my thumb to crossfade. Good times!


Easyjack - Soul Diversion (soon to be released)
Galaxy Drop - Gravitation Novation
Keerd - A Lonely Path to Nowhere
Hedflux & Alex Delfont - Terra Nullius
Pitch Black - Electric Earth (DC Mix)
Aligning Minds - Ether Perfect
Tor - Foxglove
Illinton & Dimos Goudaroulis - Brazilian Cello
Mr. Bill & Funi - Screening (Nibana Remix)
Somatoast - Creation is Creation
Broken Channel - Unwise Gate Crash
Supersillyus - A List of Instructions for When I'm Human
Liquid Bloom & Spice Traders - Anima Mundi (Drumspyder Remix)
Trippin Jaguar - Sun
Sigil - Digil Sippy (with Dirty Hippy)
Ecention - Hidden Geometries
Liquid Bloom & Poranguí - Regreso al Agua (Geometrae Remix Instrumental)
Pedra Branca - Kalahari (Kalya Scintilla remix)
Cihangir Aslan, Dilan Balkay - Night Owl
Zen Baboon - Weeedz (Radio Edit)
Symbolico - Remember
Shwamp - Wonky
Erothyme - Panther Crick (Somatoast Remix)

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