Encounters - A Path Beyond Remxed

Encounters - A Path Beyond Remxed

Released on my label, Over the Moon.
Over the Moon Music invites you on a transdimensional journey with "A Path Beyond: Remixed." This collection features 15 reimagined tracks from Encounters' original album "A Path Beyond," each meticulously reworked by a constellation of electronic maestros— featuring legends like Kaya Project and Bluetech, rising stars such as Globular and Cosmic Trigger, and new pioneers like Enigmada and Snowdrop. The musical alchemy unfolds within a dreamscape of downtempo electronica, intricately woven with organic instrumentation and potent melodies. Adding a final brushstroke, the album's artwork has been rebirthed by Evan Bluetech, echoing the remix ethos to its visual core.

“When I first began working on 'A Path Beyond,' I drew deep inspiration from the music I've cherished over the years. My goal was to put my own creative spin on the music that had influenced me. In July 2021, I shared some demos with Evan Bluetech, one of my greatest musical inspirations. His response fueled my passion for music production and inspired the concept for the remix album.

I took a deep dive into my debut release and began to reach out to some of my favorite artists. I had the chance to personally connect with some of them during live shows, and collaborate along the way. I'm thrilled to present their unique interpretations to listeners. I hope that this release takes you to a path beyond and invites you to explore a path within.” - Tyler Hovestadt/Encounters
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