October Roundup of DJ & Photo News

It's hard to believe the end of the year is right around the corner! I've had the pleasure recently of immersing myself a bit more in photography, but there are a few groovy DJ gigs coming up too that should be a lot of fun. My general tendency with photography is to shoot places and animals, rather than people and events, but lately I've been trying my hand a little more at capturing events as they unfold. And so, I'm happy to say that I have THREE new photosets to share on Flickr.
First up, a fabulous performance art/dance party called "I Am Vegetable", produced by my friends at Dream Circus Theater. I was honored to play a set in the "Mushroom Garden" early in the evening, and after that I was inspired to take out the camera as the costumes and set design were so whimsical and eye-catching. Their use of color was tremendously enjoyable. (Click on the photo to check out the entire set)
The following weekend I found myself in downtown Los Angeles for a day with the protesters at Occupy LA. My friend Treavor played the closing set on the main stage of entertainment but honestly it was the intention of the occupation that got my attention. What follows is only a mere glimpse into what was going on down there... (Click on the photo to check out the entire set)
Lastly, my touring pal Ott arrived to play a set in support of his newest album, Mir, and laid down some seriously dubby grooves in a small nightclub in Santa Monica. I have been experimenting more with using no flash, and thanks to the high speed of my new camera, it's made it possible to capture a lot more without a flash. There's still a blur to many of the photos, but as this is an experimental phase, I'm OK with that. In other creative news, I have some exciting gigs coming up that I'm really looking forward to. An evening set on the patio for Dreamdroid (the official after-party for the HMM Awards) on 11/17, and coming up in December it looks like I'll be opening for the Luminaries at Zanzibar in Santa Monica on 12/21. (More info to follow) All in all, I've been enjoying being in the creative flow this Fall and hope you enjoy the fruits of it!
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