Dj Maggie - Open Up

Open Up

DJ Maggie · Open Up
New Year's Day 2022, I was honored to play the opening set for the Moontribe Day Vibe party, outside in the sunshine next to the train tracks. This is the recording of that set. Tracklist: Udulele - Lamu Tamu Pedra Branca - Tambor Symbolico - I'm Free y e l a g u a - Micro e Macro Sigil - Jahowl Keerd - City 17 Jean du Voyage - Khanti Zen Baboon - Weeedz (Radio Edit) Erothyme - Human Rising (feat. Natalie Lain & Amalgamy) Hibernation - Identify (The 'dela meets Seb' Re-Remix) Electroslide - I'm a Cadillac Knowtoryus - Bomberclaad Joint (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session) islandman - Future Days
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