Weekend Wrap-Up: DJ gig and new store items added

Weekend Wrap-Up: DJ gig and new store items added

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We're nearing the end of the year and I'm tickled to be continuing an annual tradition these last few years - playing the opening set for a Moontribe New Year's Day party in downtown LA. Typically the Moontribe community gathers to dance out in the desert, but in rare special occasions, we get together and dance in the city.

I'll play a 2 hour opening set starting at noon, and then we'll dance the afternoon and evening away, all the way to midnight. Tickets are available here. 


My website launch was one week ago today and I've been honored by the feedback I've received so far! Some sales, some photos people have shared with me featuring them wearing my items, and lots of congratulations. I feel honored and seen.

To celebrate, I've added a few new items to the store:

2 new colors for "Looped Circuits" Enchantia Women's Short Boots (green and blue/purple). The whole collection can be found here. I love the abstract nature of this piece of artwork, and have come to like how it looks on a myriad of items on offer here on my store, so I plan on creating more items with this design in the future.

I've also added another fine art print - "Indigo Renewal". I have some other colors of this design that I'll be adding soon.

My plan is to roll out more of my fine art prints in the coming weeks and months - the setup is a bit time-intensive with all the various sizes and materials to configure, including figuring out which pieces crop well to the different sizes I offer. 

As always, if you see a piece in one of my galleries that you don't see offered in the store yet and you're interested in something, drop me a line and let me know. I'm happy to take all suggestions into account!

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