DJ Maggie - Affirmative


DJ Maggie · Affirmative
Originally recorded during a live mixing session in the Summer of 2020 for my Twitch stream show, Omakase, this was aired in July 2021 on Holotropic Happy Hour, the Twitch stream show I co-produce with Bluetech. My Twitch channel Bluetech's channel Tracklist: The Science Fiction Club - Universe Aligning (Stillhead Remix) Aether - Watching You Fake A Smile Broken Channel - Unwise Gate Crash KiloWatts - Devotion Advanced Suite - Gone A Path Untold - Unity Veil Dauwd - Theory of Colours Deep Forest Warrior - To Be With You (ft Marilyn Fox) Tactyl - Out of Your Spell Invisible Inks - Undercurrent Martin Nonstatic - Ligand (re-edit) I Awake - Forest Path KiloWatts - The Story Unfolding (with Samuel Wexler) EskoStatic - Liguria Snakestyle - Point To Point Pitch Black - Dub Smoke Data Rebel - V7 Shapesift - Cascade Fredrik Öhr - Airport Song Sethadelik - Archaic Technologies KarmasynK - Intimate (Dov1 Remix) Oak - Untitled '09 Akuratyde - The Well (feat. Conduct) Bop - Winter Mood