DJ Maggie · Amblyss

This is a live recording of my set from the Ambyss stage at Ozora in August 2023. The stage, curated masterfully by Bodó Márton, has a freedom to its flow, with everything from beatless ambient to world folk music to gentle beats. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the gentler and spacier regions of my library for this one.

Kino Doscun & Sigil - Ghantako
Zen Baboon - Qui Otto
Bluetech - Echoes of Orion (Misled Convoy's Scorpius Remix)
Tipper - Sahra
ali dada - Ojoupe
Balancé - No name
Kino Doscun - Atmos
ADM x EVE - Teem
Entangled Mind - Warped Nostalgia
Stray - When It Rains
Krusseldorf - The Warp
Shwamp - Surrender
Hypnagog - Potentially Elastic
Data Rebel - Polar North
EskoStatic - Shadow
Martin Nonstatic - Ligand
Snakestyle & Tove Aradala - Visby (Snakestyle Exclusive Instrumental)
Maneesh de Moor - Oracle
KiloWatts - Loutre De Lune
Akın Sevgör - Waves
Ion Driver - Deep Sands
Mungk - Abydos
Ohmar - When I Dream (EMOG Remix)
Nahuatl Jaguar Sudden Reverb - Sound Tlakotli (Meeting by Chance Remix)
Kino Doscun - Gamba Dub
Faelow - Cave Pool
Rumpistol - Morgenfugl
KiloWatts - Emotion