DJ Maggie - Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

DJ Maggie · Bubble Bath
This mix was created for Holotropic Happy Hour, the weekly Twitch stream show that I co-produce on Bluetech's channel, in September 2021. This mix is very personal for me, as it contains a lot of music I have been using to heal my heart through some challenging moments. Lots of brain-tickling and heart. Tracklist: Erothyme - Unreleased Emancipator - Ghost Pong Lapalux - Without You (Binkbeats Cover) Erothyme - Two Lights (Enigmada Remix) Ecention - Emerging Springs (feat. Mia Lev, Alam, Mike Oliver Fischer, Lex) Congi - About The 5th islandman - Future Days Sigil - Jahowl Kino Doscun - Atmos bil bless - guidance Stillhead - Vast Expanse Shankara - Troglobite Rumpistol - Pentatonic Drops (Mindex Remix) Mumukshu - Finding Meaning In Nothing (Bwoy De Bhajan Remix) Data Rebel - Quantum Congi - Visions (digital only) Oco - Sandalo (Zen Baboon Remix - Longer Mix) Khromi - Lost in Space Dillard - Staysys Jean du Voyage - Hara MJ Cole - Liquid Phaeleh - Chasing Saturn Max Tenrom - Far West Lyndon Jarr - Abeyance Trippin Jaguar - Limelight Noosfære feat. Bansara - The Clouds Are Sleeping Balancé - Easy Day Melokind - Harry Cutter