Fly By Night

Fly By Night

DJ Maggie · Fly By Night

This is a live recording of my opening set for Moontribe's July 2020 Full Moon Live Stream.


Misled Convoy - Another Time
Stillhead - After Sundown
Data Rebel - Think of View
Erothyme - We Are Continuous (feat. Emma Staarbird & Amma Lightweaver)
Leo Abrahams - Spider (Jon Hopkins Remix)
Hedflux & Alex Delfont - Hocahe
Bluetech - Ambergris
Cell - Spinning Whale
Ekorce - Feel Your Skin
Kaya Project - The Weight of Words (Hedflux Remix)
AtYyA - Committed
CloZee - Rain Dance (feat. ESCPE)
HNGVR - Touch Me
Om Unit - The Mirror