DJ Maggie - Together


DJ Maggie · Together - In Loving Memory of Matthew Parkey
In loving memory of Matthew Parkey 1982-2022 I created this set for my monthly guest DJ appearance on Holotropic Happy Hour in January 2022, a weekly A/V show I co-produce on Bluetech's Twitch channel. Just as I was preparing to host the broadcast, I learned of the passing of a dear friend, Matthew Parkey, gone too soon. The emotion of the music took on a different tone for me as I listened during the broadcast, tears falling, recalling our sweet friendship, and regarding the HUGE impact Matt had on the entire SoCal underground desert gathering community. His capacity for love and light touched so many souls. And so I heartily dedicate this mix to him - I will always love you, Matt. Matthew Parkey 1982-2022 Tracklist: Hedflux & Alex Delfont - Opia Miramorf - Obstacles Ekorce - Ephemeral Balancé - Hollow voice Miramorf - Archaic Moon Ak?n Sevgör - Dialogue Zen Baboon - Cabeça Alta (Remix) Frameworks - Delphina RQ - The Edge Data Rebel - Cyber Synkro - Fading Lights Miramorf - Blurred Illuvia - Melody (Lead Me To My Love) Zen Baboon - Pé na Praia EMOG - Reflection Phaeleh & Clubroot - Unharmed Jean du Voyage - Good Morning Moon Frog - Summer Folds (Dillard Remix) Tor - Lightraker Keerd - Formation Freud - Setback Frederic Robinson - Mixed Signals (Synkro remix) EMOG - Cool Beans (unreleased) ATYYA - Just Say Ekorce - Latibule