Well Met

Well Met

DJ Maggie · Well Met

All good things must come to an end. After more than two years of co-producing a Twitch A/V show, Holotropic Happy Hour, we had the finale with hourlong sets from each of us four producers. The emotions were running high with our community so I tapped into that for this gentle, emotional, hug of a mix.

Kino Doscun & Sigil - Ghantako
Martin Nonstatic - DreamScapes
Bluetech - Seance For The Living (Live Jam)
Illuvia - Solace
Niklas Paschburg - Tuur mang Welten
Digitonal - Gold of the Azure
Lusine - 520 At 8-30
Krusseldorf - Ceremony For Broken Robots
Data Rebel - Greyscale
Martin Roth - Time is Music the Planets make
Yotto - Maggio
MODUL - 504 Days