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Mixes have been posted

In my continuing effort to pull this site together, I am happy to say that I have completed posting my freely downloadable DJ mixes for your listening pleasure. Most of them are hosted by SoundCloud, but a few are hosted elsewhere and now you can locate them all in one place. Enjoy!

First show has been booked!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been asked to display my photos at Whole Foods Market in Venice as a part of their Local Artisans section. Once a month they have a Locals Night where they feature local farms & vendors, local musicians and have an opening reception for a visual artist. I’ve been chosen for November’s opening and am hard at work getting everything in order! The reception date will be confirmed shortly and I’ll post another announcement, but […]

Red Vortex, October 9, 2010

I’m playing Saturday 10/9 noon-2pm. Visit the Facebook page for more info. On October 8th Through October 10th Join Our Families As We Go On A Journey Into Electric Cocoon’s ~(:RED VORTEX:)~ Music 4 Our True Nature… Our Mystics Are Treavor {Moontribe} Bird of Prey {Addictech/Cyberset/Vaporvent} Kit (AstroHoops) Brad {Moontribe} Ben Annand {Moontribe/Tropical} Chadwick {Moontribe} Dennis Ion Driver {Ricochet, Addictech} Chris Gardener {Bramble Republic} Terrakroma {:)~ ? ~):} Blackass {Bramble/Electric Cocoon/Balloontribe/Monster Minimal} Brian Sentient {Alchemy/Spun Records} Psyler {Bramble Republic} Nic […]

Nip It in the Dub

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here. This mix aired Sept. 17 2010 on Echo Beach dub show for Terry C. and WLUW-FM. An excerpt of a set I played at a SoCal daytime gathering. Dub and some eclectic chill. Tracklist: Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor – Dreamcatcher International Observer – Mudshark Lick Pitch Black – Transient Transmission (Deep Fried Dub) Ott – From Trunch to Stromness Desert Dwellers – Yoga Dub Mystic Vibrasphere – Northern Sunsets Helios – […]

In-Flight Entertainment

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here. Take a journey through dimensions. This was a set I designed for an exhibit of psychedelic art showcased at the Temple of Visions gallery in downtown L.A. Ethereal, mellow beats and serious spaciousness. Tracklist: Fredrik Öhr – A Day For Great Deeds Omnimotion – Being Moshic – Keeps Me Soft Fredrik Öhr – Eating Fog Desert Dwellers – Point of Awakening Solar Fields – Sol All India Radio – Open Sky Experiment […]

Therein Lies the Dub

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here. Dubmission Records asked me to make a mix from their catalogue for their 15th anniversary. Tracklist: Third Ear Audio – Intro WooB – 10 Ton Laboratory Third Ear Audio – Up in Smoke Pitch Black – Speech (International Observer Mix) Pitch Black – Electric Earth (DC Mix) Pitch Black – Ape to Angel Blu – Dubmarine Third Ear Audio – Ethereality Pitch Black – 1000 Mile Drift (Simon Flowers Lost at […]

Still Nest

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here. This mix was a gift to my mother for Christmas 2008. Ambient soundscape, bedtime or meditative music. Tracklist: Digital Samsara – Blue Beryll Bluetech – Worthy Helios – Emancipation The Flashbulb – [cherokee script 1] Highways Frog Pocket – Plinty Helios – First Dream Called Ocean Chris Rainier – Moon, Swallowed By the Sun Jon Hopkins – Apparition Helios – Vargtimme Ganja Beats – Deep Tranquility Maneesh de Moor – Pure Essence […]

Sixteen Candles

Unfortunately, I no longer have the lossless WAV version of this mix so I’ve posted the 320 mp3 I still have. If you can download it, I would recommend doing so, as streaming it from SoundCloud will result in it being transcoded twice. Download from SoundCloud link above, or from here. One of my favorite anniversary sets for Moontribe was for the 16-year anniversary, in 2009. It was the closing set, winding the gathering down after three solid days of […]

Rhythmic Picnic

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here. This is an excerpt of a set designed for the record release party of “Chime”, a compilation released by Ball of Waxx Records. I played the opening set at Technique/Zanzibar. It’s an exploration of slightly more IDM/minimal sounds than anything I had tried before. Tracklist: Mantaray – Discovery Aerostatic – Continuous Nalepa – Breakfast in Bed Brothomstates – Mdrmx Dub Tractor – A Second Rumpistol – Nice Man Eu – Love Me […]

Through a Looking Glass

Through a Looking Glass by Dj Maggie on Mixcloud Stream from the above link, or download here. I had the distinct honor of playing on a lineup with three good friends at Club Zanzibar one night. This set was directly inspired by their presence, and features many tracks produced by friends and friends of friends. A little dub, a bit of psychill, a smattering of trip hop, and a whole lot of love. Tracklist: Maneesh de Moor – Oracle Helios […]