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Matters of the Heart – Compiled by DJ Maggie

When Evan Bluetech asked me to curate a compilation for Behind The Sky, there was no hesitation to accept the invitation. We’ve been dear friends for years, and he knows me so well – having an opportunity to put my curation skills to work, along with the privilege of collaborating with artists whose music and art feed my soul, is a perfect fit for me – and I have loved every moment of this process. Now we get to share […]

Made A Mayday

DJ Maggie · Made A Mayday This is a set I crafted in May 2021 for my monthly appearance on Holotropic Happy Hour, a 2-hour weekly A/V stream that I co-produce with Evan Bluetech on Twitch. Catch the show Wed/Thurs every week here: www.twitch.tv/bluetechofficial Tracklist: Martin Roth – Wait for it Rohne – Light Forms Keerd – Ancient Lake Rodriguez Jr. – Nairobi Dillard – Prana Satori – Mori Shej ft. Peia Bwoy De Bhajan – Mannequin Disorder Shwamp – […]


DJ Maggie · Kindred This is my set from the one year anniversary of Holotropic Happy Hour (HHH), the show I co-produce with Evan Bluetech on his Twitch channel. To celebrate this milestone, I assembled a mix made entirely of tracks created by fellow members of the HHH community. Catch the show Wednesdays 5-7pm Pacific and again Thursdays 9-11am Pacific at https:/www.twitch.tv/bluetechofficial Tracklist: Ian Boddy – Omicron Erothyme – Retroactive Enchantment Data Rebel – Raining Stars Erothyme – Red Moon […]

Ripple Effect

DJ Maggie · Ripple Effect I played a fully ambient set for an all-day Twitch stream called Relax & Reset on March 13, 2021. Catch my streams at www.twitch.tv/djmaggiemoon YouTube link to replay of my stream: youtu.be/Ff4WbuOrVBY Tracklist: ASC & Sam KDC – Fading From Memory Tanina Munchkina & The Leu Family Iron – Aequus Animus (Intro) HuuHaa – Freezings From the Fractarctica Loscil – Lucy Dub Tripswitch – The Box Bluetech – Worthy Misled Convoy – Another Time Ocoeur […]

Love Always Wins

DJ Maggie · Love Always Wins A mix created for Bluetech’s weekly Twitch stream show, Holotropic Happy Hour, in January 2021. I was still processing the events of Insurrection Day and felt called to create something that would heal the pain in my heart. Check out the show here: www.twitch.tv/bluetechofficial Tracklist: Zen Baboon – Cloud Garden Rau D – Let Go Occult – Bay SubOcybin – Wu Wei Murya – Lemon Trees Nigel Mullaney – Beyond The Maps Edge Martin […]

At Last

DJ Maggie · At Last This is a set I put together for Bluetech’s Holotropic Happy Hour live stream show in November 2020. I was in suspense, as the rest of the world was, about the nation’s election results when I mixed this, and the music feels like it reflects my mixture of hopes and fears. Check out the show here: www.twitch.tv/bluetechofficial Tracklist: Tipper – Oi Oi Spit James Bernard – A Feeling (Bluetech Remix) Data Rebel – Diffuse Lav […]


DJ Maggie · Jahazz This set was recorded and aired on Bluetech’s Twitch show, Holotropic Happy Hour, in October of 2020. Check out the show here: www.twitch.tv/bluetechofficial Tracklist: Tipper – Sahra Bop – Waterfall Hibernation – Familiar Stars (Hibernating Gnomes Remix) Freud & IZ – Presto Korsun – Dove Synkro – Contact Air – Universal Traveler Dillard – 3rd Root w/HL Kercha – Week Tipper – Permatemp Freud – Plek Shiny Objects – Another Day at the Zoo Protassov – […]

Mechanical Heart

DJ Maggie · Mechanical Heart This set was recorded during the first-ever live stream version of Chillits in September 2020. It’s a fairly IDM-heavy mix, but still has some heart, hence the title “Mechanical Heart”. Check out their channel here: www.twitch.tv/chillits Tracklist: Experimental Sound Project – Beautiful Dove Bansara – Rising Storm Bluetech – The Pale Horse Proem – Your Bones Back Together Invisible Inks – Undercurrent Ion Driver – Outsourced Hibernation – The Process il:lo – Alma (Frameworks Remix) […]

Quality Time

DJ Maggie · Quality Time I created this set for my monthly guest DJ appearance on Bluetech’s weekly live stream, Holotropic Happy Hour, in September 2020. This set was intended as a soundtrack to a 2-hour romantic date with a longtime lover. Mastered to perfection by Bluetech. Tracklist: Biome – Ghost Oak – Sequence 1 ADM x EVE – Empyrean Erothyme – Human Rising (feat. Natalie Lain & Amalgamy) Paul B – Blues Leftfield – Melt Melo – Affirmation (Frederic […]

Simmer Switch

DJ Maggie · Simmer Switch My opening set from Moontribe’s Full Moon Gathering live stream, August 2020. Video available of the stream at youtu.be/Wb3YfgHwDDc Follow me on Twitch for notifications about my 2 weekly live streams: www.twitch.tv/djmaggiemoon Tracklist: Solar Fields – Dialogue with a River Deep Lodocus – The Law Of Gravity M-Seven – Continuous Bluetech – Ambergris Aphasia – mPFC plasticity HNGVR – I Was Just… Hibernation – 1982 Sinclair Research Om Unit – The Mirror Mystic State – […]