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DJ Maggie · Gravimetric This was a live set recorded during my weekly Twitch stream show, Omakase, in June 2020. You can find me on Twitch here: www.twitch.tv/djmaggiemoon Special visual accompaniment by Polygon Rainbow on my YouTube channel: youtu.be/ghhLeI9bpF4 Tracklist: Kidnap Kid – First Light KiloWatts – Devotion Rau D – Let Go (Original Mix) Somatoast – Live Dreaming One Function – Values Of Love Deep Forest Warrior – To Be With You (ft Marilyn Fox) The Flashbulb – Selected […]

Swing & Saunter

DJ Maggie · Swing & Saunter This was a live stream opening set for a fundraiser for a friend & fellow DJ, Willy Electronarcosis, recorded in November 2020. YouTube link to video of this set: youtu.be/h0CIkpagKuY Tracklist: Zen Baboon – Optimist Bees LUM – Nfrt.y.ty feat Sunru Pitch Black – Daylight Wasting Data Rebel – Ion Dillard – Meander Audialist – Keep Turning EMOG – Death Desert Dwellers – Saraswati Mata (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Remix) Master Margherita – Rototom (Skin Mix) […]

Collective Wellbeing

DJ Maggie · Collective Wellbeing My monthly set for Holotropic Happy Hour on Bluetech’s Twitch channel. Check out the weekly show: www.twitch.tv/bluetechofficial Tracklist: Ak?n Sevgör – 14 Days Data Rebel – Collisions Stillhead – While The Lady Sleeps Ocoeur – 4.16 Random Rab – The Spice Globular & Geoglyph – Take Down Everything Rumpistol – Nice Man Hibernation – Familiar Stars (Extended Version) Sympath – Zero Sum Estray – The Way Of The Sufi Ekorce – Symbiosis Mindex – Forest […]


DJ Maggie · Kindred This is my set from the one year anniversary of Holotropic Happy Hour (HHH), the show I co-produce with Evan Bluetech on his Twitch channel. To celebrate this milestone, I assembled a mix made entirely of tracks created by fellow members of the HHH community. Catch the show Wednesdays 5-7pm Pacific and again Thursdays 9-11am Pacific at https:/www.twitch.tv/bluetechofficial Tracklist: Ian Boddy – Omicron Erothyme – Retroactive Enchantment Data Rebel – Raining Stars Erothyme – Red Moon […]

Ripple Effect

DJ Maggie · Ripple Effect I played a fully ambient set for an all-day Twitch stream called Relax & Reset on March 13, 2021. Catch my streams at www.twitch.tv/djmaggiemoon YouTube link to replay of my stream: youtu.be/Ff4WbuOrVBY Tracklist: ASC & Sam KDC – Fading From Memory Tanina Munchkina & The Leu Family Iron – Aequus Animus (Intro) HuuHaa – Freezings From the Fractarctica Loscil – Lucy Dub Tripswitch – The Box Bluetech – Worthy Misled Convoy – Another Time Ocoeur […]


DJ Maggie · Flibbertigibbet This was a set I put together for my monthly guest DJ appearance in February 2021 on Holotropic Happy Hour, a weekly Twitch stream show I co-host with Bluetech over on his channel www.twitch.tv/BluetechOfficial . Oco – Sandalo (Zen Baboon Remix – Longer Mix) FC Kahuna – Hayling Khromi – Synchronous Biome – Heavy Eyes Valentin Stip – Hiathaikm AtyyA – Drippin (Ft. LaRo$a) Hibernation – Clockwork (Søren meets Seb – Spooky Swamp Mix) Ekorce – […]


DJ Maggie · Amaranthine Recorded live for my weekly stream show, Omakase, on May 25 2020. Follow me on Twitch for notifications about my 2 weekly live streams: www.twitch.tv/djmaggiemoon Tracklist: Galaxy Drop – Transfer Remember – Time to Open Your Eyes Bluetech – Tipping the Scales KiloWatts – Renascence SidiRum – Almagro Momentology & DJ Taz Rashid – With the Tribe (Living Light Remix) Cloudcycle – Amnesia Part 1 (Green Beats Remix) Kaya Project – Dark Tabla J.Viewz – Feeler […]

Love Always Wins

DJ Maggie · Love Always Wins A mix created for Bluetech’s weekly Twitch stream show, Holotropic Happy Hour, in January 2021. I was still processing the events of Insurrection Day and felt called to create something that would heal the pain in my heart. Check out the show here: www.twitch.tv/bluetechofficial Tracklist: Zen Baboon – Cloud Garden Rau D – Let Go Occult – Bay SubOcybin – Wu Wei Murya – Lemon Trees Nigel Mullaney – Beyond The Maps Edge Martin […]

Silk Swankerchief

DJ Maggie · Silk Swankerchief Recorded live during my weekly stream show, Omakase, on December 6 2020. This was a Cocktail Party edition. Follow me on Twitch for notifications about my 2 weekly live streams: www.twitch.tv/djmaggiemoon J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science – Golden Nectar Flexitones – Cafe Spring Tosca – Suzuki Nightmares on Wax – Les Nuits King Kooba – California Suite (Vagabond Mix) DJ Olive – Heaps As King Shi – Shiver (feat. Bonza) Cybajaz – cybajaz Sound Providers – […]

Bebop Brunch

DJ Maggie · Bebop Brunch Recorded live for my weekly stream show, Omakase, on August 2 2020. Follow me on Twitch for notifications about my 2 weekly live streams: www.twitch.tv/djmaggiemoon Tracklist: Hedflux – Unillusioned KiloWatts – Legacy Youth & Gaudi – Black Crow Dub (Kaya Project Remix) Stillhead – Dwelling J Whitty – Petrichor Hedflux – Breaking Through Halfred & Mouldy Soul & Tryptich – Moods Kaya Project – Through The Flames Liquid Bloom & Spice Traders – Anima Mundi […]