Feb 192018

Desert Escape, Mojave, October 2017. Sunday morning, as brunch was being served, I served up this set of grooves.

1. Argus & Ascent – Strong Connection
2. AtYyA – Above the Clouds (AtYyA Remix)
3. Dream Stalker – Dialekt
4. Deep Dive Corp – Rising Sun (Flipside Shine Rmx)
5. Auma – The Old Magick
6. Shanti Maktin Vs. Jimbo – What Vibrations
7. Pitch Black – Lost in Translation (International Observer meets Horace mix)
8. Spy From Cairo – Coming Home
9. Sashuna – Snake Charming
10. Hinkstep – My Forest Queen
11. Estray in Dub – Morning Raga
12. Akasha Experience – Liquid Grip
13. Quanta – Recept (Griff’s Footprints on the Brain Mix)
14. Gaudi – Chaine a Chaine
15. Benny Tones – Fire Fly feat. Mara TK (Opiuo’s Been So Strong in 2008 Remix)
16. Banco de Gaia – All Sleeping (Desert Dwellers Remix)

Mar 242017

March is often a favorite month for a Moontribe Full Moon Gathering. The weather can be amazing, not too cold at night and toasty during the day (but not blisteringly so). Lots of people have been hibernating for the winter. If FMG falls on a weekend, it’s practically paving the way for a happy and well-attended event. That’s what this past gathering was like. Well over 1000 people, all smiles, happy to be out amongst friends old and new, enjoying the warmth. The vibe was on point, and I was honored to be invited to play the closing set, which was timed just right to end just after moonrise (hence the title). The energy is a little all over the place, as I was reading the last dregs of energy from the crowd and adjusting accordingly. It was at the end of 24 hours of party, so most people were a little worse for the wear – me included. I’ve learned to accept that the live sets when I’m sleep-deprived may contain a rough mix or two – at least to my ears. I was told many times people enjoyed the track selection so it feels like a good mix to share.


1. Kaya Project – Deep Kaya (Zen Baboon mix)
2. Desert Dwellers – Bodhi Tree Dub (Amani’s Desert Freak Remix)
3. Deep Dive Corp – Lucsus
4. Squarepusher – Plaistow Flex Out
5. EU – Love Me
6. Boards of Canada – Aquarius
7. Sola Rosa – Scratch Apprentice
8. 3 Wise Monkeys – It’s Gonna Rain
9. Hello Mellow – Eat Sleep Sit Repeat
10. Sixis & Expedizion – Awakening World (Sixis Revision)
11. Beatroots – Nutritious Dub
12. Kangding Ray – Palisades
13. Martins Garden – Jinn
14. Shen – Embrace (Deadbeat’s Soaking in the Dub Mix)
15. Patio – Sofa Bunk Bed
16. The Flashbulb – Parkways
17. Pilgrims of the Mind – Sandcastle
18. Ishdub feat. Davide Cataro – Introspective (Kaya Project Remix)
19. Pitch Black – Filtered Senses
20. D-Echo Project – Howl (Hibernation Mix)
21. Motion Drive – Deep Fried Dub
22. AtYya – Emanating (Hakuu Remix)
23. iinaK – Falling Out
24. Krusseldorf – Rain Across the Gemini
25. Edamame – Indigo Pigments
26. Data Rebel – Icikle
27. Ocoeur – Light

Nov 102016

New Year’s Day, 2016: I was celebrating the new year with my Floasis crew of downtempo musicians and DJs, as we had been invited to program 2 blocks of music in the mornings of a 4-day campout festival called Tropical Oasis. On the first morning of 2016, I opened for none other than Bluetech, one of my favorite artists and also a dear friend. I’d crafted this set to have a dubby psychill flow in order to warm people up for Bluetech’s amazing music – in more ways than one. Temperatures were below freezing in the dawn hours so it was only barely above freezing when I started playing. Thankfully I did have a dancefloor and kept people moving through the slow grooves as much as possible.

The cold weather played havoc with Bluetech’s equipment so I ended up playing longer than expected while things were sorted out, so there are some gaps toward the end of the mix when I kept thinking he was ready to play.

Feb 072012

Stream and download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

My first new studio mix in a while. It’s been an interesting year, with my creative time being split more between DJ bookings and photography, and not nearly as much time in the studio as I would have liked. Hence, the fact that I’ve been sitting on this mix for 11 months, hoping to find some time to tinker with it and add some special touches. Now that it’s done, I am happy to present it to you.


1. Pharoelidae – Vector Equilibrium
2. Rena – Photosynthesis (Nalepa Mix)
3. Mirror System – Mirror Beach (Pitch Black Sands Rerub)
4. Spectralite – Ocean
5. Tranquility Bass – Ionosphere
6. Pitch Black – Flex (Automattic Rerub)
7. Eat Static – Abnormal Interference
8. Third Ear Audio – Just a Moment
9. Sick-E – Insanity Waits (feat. Phour Trakk)
10. Hibernation – Lazy Radio
11. Square Key – Bridges
12. Vakuum Sounds – A Journey After a Snakebite
13. Cell – The Gate
14. Deru – Echoes of Me
15. Seven Ark – Sixteen
16. Jon Hopkins – A Drifting Up
17. Shen – Embrace (Deadbeat’s Soaking In The Dub Remix)
18. Bluetech – Elementary Particles (Re-Edit)
19. Rumpistol – Nice Man
20. Eu – Love Me
21. Orsten – Fleur Blanche
22. Portishead – Wandering Star
23. Sola Rosa – Scratch Apprentice
24. Forss – Paradigm Shift
25. Long Arm – The Branches (Instrumental)

Sep 282010

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

This mix aired Sept. 17 2010 on Echo Beach dub show for Terry C. and WLUW-FM. An excerpt of a set I played at a SoCal daytime gathering. Dub and some eclectic chill.


Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor – Dreamcatcher
International Observer – Mudshark Lick
Pitch Black – Transient Transmission (Deep Fried Dub)
Ott – From Trunch to Stromness
Desert Dwellers – Yoga Dub Mystic
Vibrasphere – Northern Sunsets
Helios – Nine Black Alps
Leo Abraham – Spider (Jon Hopkins Remix)
DJ Zen – I Believe
Bluetech – Green Sophia
Third Ear Audio – Up In Smoke
Paddy Free – Lali
Deep Dive Corp – Lucsus
Shen – Tenryu-Ji
Bob Marley – Put It On (Groove Corporation Mix)

Sep 282010

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

Dubmission Records asked me to make a mix from their catalogue for their 15th anniversary.

Third Ear Audio – Intro
WooB – 10 Ton Laboratory
Third Ear Audio – Up in Smoke
Pitch Black – Speech (International Observer Mix)
Pitch Black – Electric Earth (DC Mix)
Pitch Black – Ape to Angel
Blu – Dubmarine
Third Ear Audio – Ethereality
Pitch Black – 1000 Mile Drift (Simon Flowers Lost at Sea Mix)
Pitch Black – Freefall (Alucidnation’s Lucid Dream Mix)
Steffe – Heart of Fire
Pitch Black – Freefall (Alucidnation Remix)
Doof – Baba, We Love Dub So
Pitch Black – Harmonia (Krusseldorf Remix)

Sep 282010

Stream from the above link, or download here.

I had the distinct honor of playing on a lineup with three good friends at Club Zanzibar one night. This set was directly inspired by their presence, and features many tracks produced by friends and friends of friends. A little dub, a bit of psychill, a smattering of trip hop, and a whole lot of love.


Maneesh de Moor – Oracle
Helios – Nine Black Alps
Leo Abraham – Spider (Jon Hopkins Remix)
Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor – Dreamcatcher
Radiate – Witchkraft
Saru – Something Stronger (Greg Long Mix)
Paddy Free – Lali
Karuan – Feeling of Us Two
Orbient – In Time
The Jazzual Suspects – Ba Dada
Sola Rosa – Scratch Apprentice
Xerxes – Pirayana
Bluetech – Kingdom of the Blind (Third I Mix)
Hibernation – Trickle
Sympath – Zero Sum
Jon Hopkins – Sleepwalker
The Flashbulb – Addict Swelling
Shakatura – Sage

Sep 282010
Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

This set was designed for a friend’s 60th birthday party. Dubby trip hop meets funk.


Noiseshaper – Dunk
Spy From Cairo – Coming Home
P.S.O.I. – What You Gonna Do
Etnica – Funky Bong
Sunstars – Serious Muzak
Sola Rosa – Go Underground
Tosca – Chocolate Elvis (Baby Mammoth Mix 2)
Tranquility Bass – Mya Yadana
9 Lazy 9 – Train (Marden Hill Mix)
Daddy’s Favourite – Do It
Uptight People – Maybe Tomorrow Dub
Hedfunk – Dark Blue
9 Lazy 9 – Electric Lazyland (Journeyman’s Mix)
Higher Than God – Beyond My Dreams
Herbaliser – A Mother (For Your Mind)
DJ Vadim – Variations in USSR (DJ Krush Mix)
DJ Olive – Snail Trails in My Arms
Rubba J – Slowly Chewed
Tosca – Natural High
Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor – Moment With You
Carlos Torres – Temple
Razoof & O’Finken – Jaybee (Solar Moon Dub)
DJ Cam – Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens

Sep 282010

Stream from the link above, or download here.

I designed this set for a holiday party hosted by my former photography school in Los Angeles. It’s cocktail-party music with jazzy elements and a little trip hop.


Sola Rosa – Sleepwalker
Tosca – Every Day and Every Night
Sandspider – The Groove
Dave Wallace – Expressions (Part 2)
Fink – Good Day for Hippos
The Eff Word – TBC (Crustation Slow Mix)
Nick Nack – Unarmed & Dangerous
George Pallikaris – In Search Of
Crustation – Hey
9 Lazy 9 – Electric Lazyman (Journeyman’s Remix)
PolyGroovers – Mon Chaton
Megablast – Sun
Uptight People – Get Uptight Man
Noiseshaper – Dunk
Daddy’s Favourite – Do It
Sonoluce – Eye Move (Baby Mammoth Remix)
Black Mighty Orchestra – Ocean Beach (Cybophonia Remix)
Mama Oliver – Eastwest (Stoned Together)
Tosca – Orozco (Dubphonic Dub)
Plastyc Buddha – String Vibe (Minus 8 Remix)
Praful – Sigh (Maneesh de Moor Remix)
Baby Mammoth – Finale (Vana-Bar Remix)
DJ Food – Gold in My Pocket
dZihan & Kamien – Stiff Jazz
Electroslide – Pick Me Up