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Sew Knee Dose

An older mix that was buried for a while. Spring 2015, an event called Electric Poncho took place at a magical hot spring canyon in Mexico. This set was my love letter to psychill, as it features some of my favorite tracks. Lots of other eclectic goods as well in this mix. Tracklist: 1. Desert Dwellers – Mysterious Presence (Chaos Control Mix) 2. D-Echo Project – Malaki 3. Giyo – Nocturne 4. Hello Mellow – Eat Sit Sleep Repeat 5. […]


October 2018, Moontribe Full Moon Gathering. Since I started playing at Moontribe in 2006, I haven’t yet missed a set I committed to playing. For this gathering, I happened to be completely ill with a chest/head cold…apart from my set, I spent the majority of my time out in the desert huddled in my tent with a box of tissue and a kit full of cold meds. Standing up for close to 2 hours straight for my set, I just […]

Peridot – Living Room Sessions Vol. 1

Living Room Sessions. Live recordings of those wild and carefree moments when it’s time to chill. I can pull out my favorite tunes, the chiller the better, and just see how they sound together. In the comfort of my own living room. 1. Auma – Second Guessing 2. School of Seven Bells – Half Asleep (Lusine Remix) 3. Entheo – Ojai Lights 4. Dubsalon – Beyond the Seen 5. Tipper – The Re-Up 6. Saafi Brothers – Joy of Mystery […]

Sunday Brunch

DJ Maggie · Sunday Brunch Desert Escape, Mojave, October 2017. Sunday morning, as brunch was being served, I served up this set of grooves. 1. Argus & Ascent – Strong Connection 2. AtYyA – Above the Clouds (AtYyA Remix) 3. Dream Stalker – Dialekt 4. Deep Dive Corp – Rising Sun (Flipside Shine Rmx) 5. Auma – The Old Magick 6. Shanti Maktin Vs. Jimbo – What Vibrations 7. Pitch Black – Lost in Translation (International Observer meets Horace mix) […]

Beats Served Neat

DJ Maggie · Beats Served Neat Who doesn’t love a good house party? This was an opening set for such a setting, celebrating a dear friend’s birthday while cocktails and dinner were served. Later on, dancing commenced. But for now – classy tunes and sumptuous beats. Tracklist: 1. Sandspider – The Groove 2. Third Person Lurkin – Liquid Lights 3. Sheik & Beige – Aim Low 4. David Holmes – Rodney Yates 5. D-Echo Project – Inadequacy 6. Sick-E – […]

Deep Beat Diving

DJ Maggie · Deep Beat Diving Pool parties at hotels…one surefire reminder of summertime. For the second year in a row, I was invited to open a pool party at the Custom Hotel with a set that accompanied a yoga class, before the dance masters took over the decks into the afternoon. This is a live recording of that set. Tracklist: 1. Spiral System – Rain (Full Length) 2. AtYyA – Emanating (Hakuu Remix) 3. Lab’s Cloud – Hypnotes 4. […]

Moonrise Embrace

March is often a favorite month for a Moontribe Full Moon Gathering. The weather can be amazing, not too cold at night and toasty during the day (but not blisteringly so). Lots of people have been hibernating for the winter. If FMG falls on a weekend, it’s practically paving the way for a happy and well-attended event. That’s what this past gathering was like. Well over 1000 people, all smiles, happy to be out amongst friends old and new, enjoying […]

Fresh Towelette

DJ Maggie · Fresh Towelette New Year’s Day, 2016: I was celebrating the new year with my Floasis crew of downtempo musicians and DJs, as we had been invited to program 2 blocks of music in the mornings of a 4-day campout festival called Tropical Oasis. On the first morning of 2016, I opened for none other than Bluetech, one of my favorite artists and also a dear friend. I’d crafted this set to have a dubby psychill flow in […]

Pureform Textures

DJ Maggie · Pureform Textures This was a set I created for Tropical’s 16th anniversary campout held at a yoga retreat center in California. Most of the weekend’s music was house music, but there was a block of ambient-into-downtempo on Saturday morning. Starts off ambient and rises into danceable trip hop & downtempo. The recording of my set had technical issues, so this is a recreation in my studio. Mastered by Brian Saitzyk. Tracklist: 1. Erothyme – Sunshine Through Speakers […]

Rapt Frequencies

DJ Maggie · Rapt Frequencies In February 2014 I was invited to craft a mix for The Chillout Sessions, a monthly downtempo exploration from online radio station Box Frequency and Woodzee’s The Sun Is Shining blog, which was great fun. Trip-hop, a little funk, and eclectic downtempo rule this mix. Mastered by @EasternSun. Tracklist: 1. Rumpistol – Tangoboy 2. Tor – The Thickness 3. Merveille & Crosson – The Day You Left 4. Tosca – Me and Yoko Ono 5. Ion Driver – Deep […]