Mar 072018

This is the second half of a recording of my set on the chill stage at Desert Escape in October 2017. The first half is called “Ebb”, so this one I called “Flow”. There was a natural break in the aesthetic of the music which caused me to want to release them as separate mixes. This mix is a bit more urban and established, with some classic tunes, while the other is grounded in newer styles of music.

1. Hibernation – Colours
2. Sick-E – Dark Matter
3. DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo – Mu-Getsu
4. Portishead – Wandering Star
5. Giyo – Rainfall
6. Sick-E – The Other Me
7. DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo – Ha-Doh
8. Hibernation – Disconnect
9. Parov Stelar – I Hold You
10. deeB – E-Type
11. Romo – Chase
12. Kuba – The One That Got Away
13. Radiohead – Nude (Auma Remix)

Jan 312018

This was the first half of a live set I played on the chill stage at a desert event called Desert Escape in October 2017. I had been booked for the main stage but couldn’t resist laying down some tunes at the little chill stage that was set up near my camp. I was exploring newly added tunes in my library, just playing around.


1. Kuba – Dub of the Dreamer
2. Entheogenic – Asherah
3. Dubsalon – Ancient Tongues
4. Guitoud – Citizen
5. EMOG – Mystic Flight
6. Snakestyle & Sweetleaf – Out of Bounds Part 1 Reprise
7. Edamame – At Home
8. Krusseldorf – Ceremony For Broken Robots
9. EMOG – Connecting Particles
10. 5AM – Sapiens
11. Edamame – Indigo Pigments
12. Krusseldorf – Midnight Glitching
13. iinaK – Topaz
14. Pi-project – Gravity


Aug 052017

Live recording of my set in the chill room at the FnF Summer Campout, 2017, trimmed a little for quality control. A collection of some of my favorite chilled tunes from the last 5 years in a little mini-set.


1. Emancipator – Valhalla (NKLA Remix)
2. Giyo – Mind Games
3. Spatialize – Koi Dreaming
4. Rain Dog – Like a Lame Man Stepping
5. Citta Flow – Woodwind
6. Dream Stalker – Deeping
7. Van Hai – Dernier Amour (Ripperton’s No Love Lost Reshape)
8. Great Skies – Light at the End of the Tunnel
9. Skytechnic – Immersion
10. Hedflux – Superliminal Sound
11. Charlesthefirst – The Mist (w/CloZee)
12. 5AM – Komorebi

Aug 052017

Pool parties at hotels…one surefire reminder of summertime. For the second year in a row, I was invited to open a pool party at the Custom Hotel with a set that accompanied a yoga class, before the dance masters took over the decks into the afternoon. This is a live recording of that set.


1. Spiral System – Rain (Full Length)
2. AtYyA – Emanating (Hakuu Remix)
3. Lab’s Cloud – Hypnotes
4. Xerxes – Longyaard
5. Rhian Sheehan – She Walks Into Mine
6. Digby Jones – Under the Sea
7. Bluetech – Green Sophia
8. Ishdub Feat. David Cataro – Introspective (Kaya Project Remix)
9. Kuba – By the Foot of Your Mountain
10. Kaya Project – Burning Spirit
11. Govinda – Mind Mysterium
12. Orbient – In Time
13. Tarun – Water (Desert Dwellers Remix)
14. Snakestyle – Misunderstood
15. Esionjim – Purple
16. Dopelimat – Oceanauts
17. Data Rebel – Continuum Filter
18. Dream Stalker – Deeping
19. Hedflux – Peyote Dawn

Mar 072015
Pureform Textures

Stream from link above, or download MP3 here.

This was a set I created for Tropical’s 16th anniversary campout held at a yoga retreat center in California. Most of the weekend’s music was house music, but there was a block of ambient-into-downtempo on Saturday morning. Starts off ambient and rises into danceable trip hop & downtempo.

The recording of my set had technical issues, so this is a recreation in my studio. Mastered by Brian Saitzyk.


1. Erothyme – Sunshine Through Speakers (feat. Madelion Moondrop)

2. Giyo – Astro (Give You All I Can)
3. Orchid Star – Wildflower Feat. Myo & Samanta Ray (Pete Ardron Remix)
4. Fresh Moods – Decisions I Made
5. Romo – Awakening
6. Bomb the Bass & Lali Puna – Clearcut (Arovane’s Amx)
7. Bronx Dogs – Cosmos
8. Govinda – City of Pleasure
9. Kaleidoscope Jukebox – Flame Thrower
10. Mr. Squatch – To and Fro
11. Nightmares on Wax – 70s 80s
12. The Eff Word – TBC (Crustation Mix)
13. Backini – Electro Industry
14. Parov Stelar – If I Had You
15. Ugress – Fields of Thieves (2000)
16. Backini – Champagne Flute
17. 40 Winks – Kodak Moment (Long Arm Remix)
18. D-Echo Project – Wind Trails
19. Govinda – Two Become One

May 222012

Stream and download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

I am happy to share my set from our glorious adventure in Mexico in April…Aural Guacamole, recorded live at Electric Poncho. The weather was HOT and the surroundings sublime. Accordingly, the beats are mellow so as not to raise anyone’s body┬átemperature too much. Enjoy ­čÖé


1. Occam – Invocation
2. Lemonchill – Mantra (Erot Remix)
3. Naturelement – Double Trouble
4. Yello – Till Tomorrow
5. Bent Intent – Deca
6. Desolate – Divinus
7. Ben Beiny – Start Again
8. Tapage – One of Seven
9. Auma – Machromatic
10. NQ – Every Home Has a Knife
11. Liquid Stranger – Far and Beyond
12. The Mollusk – Exodus
13. Hinkstep – Moonwalk on Mushroom Street
14. Nicolas Jaar – Colomb
15. Melorman – Celia
16. Auma – Sygnal
17. In:Formation – Csillaut (with Shamane)
18. Keramick & Lobo – Left & Right
19. Of Porcelain – Here For Now
20. Patchwork – Fimpomat
21. Hibernation – Time of Fire
22. Bathysphere – Augusta
23. Seven Ark – Glass Shattering Under Water
24. Deru – Echoes of Me
25. Tipper – Daved and Confused
26. Tycho – Send and Receive

Nov 292011

November went by far too fast for my tastes. There we were, celebrating Halloween, and seemingly in the blink of an eye Thanksgiving has come and gone and we’re staring down the barrel at the end of 2011. How’d that happen?

It’s been a year since I had my photo show, which affords me a chance to look back and contemplate the state of my photographic life. I had no lofty goals in mind for this passion of mine; just a chance to share the bits of this world that I happen to come upon through my lens. It’s been a rewarding and often humbling experience.

Recently I became enamored of the photographic community over on Google+, which at the moment seems to make up the bulk of the stimuli I’m experiencing over there. Casually participating in conversations with newbies and pros alike, it’s been a revelation to me to at last feel like I’ve found my peers. (Nothing personal to you, Flickr community; I still love you too)

In working to reshape the ways in which I share my work, and frankly, to make it more accessible to those who might actually want an image of mine hanging on their wall, I am pleased to announce that I have restructured my pricing for all my print work and have adjusted my online store accordingly. I enjoyed a small boon of sales last year surrounding my show, and while my main focus has not been on selling my work, I can’t deny the deep satisfaction in knowing someone who likes my work enough to want to invest in it. And so it goes.

If you’re at all inclined, head on over to my store to see what’s offered. There are the usual prints, along with gallery wraps, floating prints for the wall, and desk stands. (Those floating pieces are so cool…I’m thinking I may want one for myself soon!) I’ve expanded the galleries a bit, adding shots I had previously kept private, and moving things around so that they reflect the galleries I keep around the Web on Facebook, Flickr and Google+. Please feel free to leave a comment on a shot or a gallery if something strikes your fancy. I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve been allowing my DJ life to simmer on the back burner a bit in the last couple of months, after my flurry of activity at the end of the summer. I worked hard on synchronizing my photographic expression, but now it’s time to return to a sense of balance, and I have a few delicious gigs coming up that are worth mentioning. At the moment, they are:

– Dec. 10-11 – Moontribe Full Moon Gathering (invitation-only; location private)

– Dec. 21 – Opening set for Luminous Movement (hosted by J Brave of the Luminaries) (Zanzibar in Santa Monica; see here for details)

– Dec. 31 – 2012 Awakening New Year’s Eve (Hummingbird Ranch in Simi Valley; see here for details)

That’s all the news I have for now – thanks for reading!

Sep 292011

Having wrapped up fun times at KXLU with Mystic Pete (thanks, Pete!), I am happy to announce my next public appearance at the fantastic performance art party called “I Am Vegetable”. Put on by the illustrious Dream Circus, the “I Am” parties were legendary a decade ago in the performance art circuit of Los Angeles. Mikiko Nagao is one of the most talented costume designers in the L.A. underground and along with the directorial chops of siblings Teo & Desiree Castro, this event is sure to be a delight for all the senses. More info and ticket purchasing can be found here.

I’ll be playing on the patio at 10 pm. Hope to see you there!

I Am Vegetable - front of flyer

I Am Vegetable - An Interactive Theatrical Dance Party


I Am Vegetable - back of flyer

I Am Vegetable - An Interactive Theatrical Dance Party