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Count Maggula

DJ Maggie · Count Maggula This was my live set for Moontribe’s Blue Moon FMG Live Stream on Halloween 2020. We all adopted spooky names for the show, so I chose to be Maggula, complete with costume. Video of this set is available here: youtu.be/kLFLU5Gshz4 Tracklist: Dillard – Center of One High Dude feat Alicia Kiah – Introvert Activism Aphasia – Cingulate Ojini Project – No One But Him MushDub – Energy Of The Universe ElectrowaveZ – Tropical Rainforest Skysia […]

Simmer Switch

DJ Maggie · Simmer Switch My opening set from Moontribe’s Full Moon Gathering live stream, August 2020. Video available of the stream at youtu.be/Wb3YfgHwDDc Follow me on Twitch for notifications about my 2 weekly live streams: www.twitch.tv/djmaggiemoon Tracklist: Solar Fields – Dialogue with a River Deep Lodocus – The Law Of Gravity M-Seven – Continuous Bluetech – Ambergris Aphasia – mPFC plasticity HNGVR – I Was Just… Hibernation – 1982 Sinclair Research Om Unit – The Mirror Mystic State – […]


DJ Maggie · Gratitude Recorded live during Moontribe’s 26th anniversary in 2019. This is a mostly ambient (beatless) set. Tracklist: 1. Krusseldorf – Creation 2. Loscil – Lucy Dub 3. Eat Static – Elegua 4. Stillhead – Spirit Remains 5. Bluetech – A Blessed Release 6. Kiyoko – Valley 7. Ovia – A Scent of Fallen Apples 8. Martin Nonstatic – Trochilidae 9. Akuratyde – Lights in My Eyes 10. Deru – Playground 11. Wombatmusic – Along the Way 12. […]

We Are Family

DJ Maggie · We Are Family My opening set from Day 2 of Moontribe’s 27th anniversary live stream. Tracklist: Stillhead – Vast Expanse The Flashbulb – Island on an Endless Plane M-Seven – The Informer Tipper – Rotundus Maximus Rocker’s HiFi – Going Under (Evil Love and Insanity Dub) Connect.ohm – 9980 (Cell Remix) DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo – Ha-Doh Mountains & Rivers – Eternal Heart EMOG – 11.11 Anchor Hill – Globaleyes Beatroots – Nutritious Dub FNDMNTL – […]


DJ Maggie · Moonstream I called this one Moonstream because it was my first live stream set, an opening set for Moontribe’s first live stream Full Moon Gathering in April 2020. Video of this set can be found on my YouTube channel. Tracklist: Desert Dwellers – Mysterious Presence (Chaos Control Remix) Mote – Lamentation Spatialize & Krusseldorf – Great Prayer (Spatialize Remix) AtYyA – Committed Pitch Black – Kaikoura Dub Spoonbill & Mr. Bill – MoonSwagger Twin Shape & Shwamp […]

Mama Luna

DJ Maggie · Mama Luna This was the set I played to open Moontribe Sunday Vibe – Streaming Edition in May 2020. I’d just bought a bunch of new music, so many of the tracks were new to me and I had so much fun discovering how they mixed well with other favorite tracks of mine. I trimmed the end a little as I had intended to close with the CloZee track, but had to stretch a little to the […]


DJ Maggie · Moondust This is the closing set from the Moontribe Full Moon Gathering in October 2019. It’s a longer one – clocking in at 2.5 hours – and my intention was to keep the energy relatively high as we wound down from a night and day of dancing. I’d recently completed a lot of work on my music library so I was delighted to pull out some classics that hadn’t been in my playlists for a long time, […]


DJ Maggie · Sundowner This is the second half of a marathon closing set I played at a Moontribe Full Moon Gathering in April 2019. The entire set was over 4 hours. Tracklist: MushDub – Energy of the Universe Nanda – Inner Vision Sixis – Mycolinguistic Spatialize & Krusseldorf – Great Prayer (Spatialize Remix) Hibernation – Colours Erothyme – Silent Orbservers (CharlestheFirst Remix) Emog – Crystal & Ice Tipper – Algae in Bloom AtYyA – Volition DJ Krush & Toshinori […]

Dust to Dust

I found this old live mix collecting digital dust in my archives. It’s the first hour and change of a live set I played at a Moontribe Full Moon Gathering in November 2017. There are a couple of short video clips that were taken by Danny Isaacs while I played this set, which can be seen on my Facebook DJ page and YouTube channel. The tracks are mostly more energetic downtempo, good for dancing. Tracklist: 1. Supersillyus – A List […]


October 2018, Moontribe Full Moon Gathering. Since I started playing at Moontribe in 2006, I haven’t yet missed a set I committed to playing. For this gathering, I happened to be completely ill with a chest/head cold…apart from my set, I spent the majority of my time out in the desert huddled in my tent with a box of tissue and a kit full of cold meds. Standing up for close to 2 hours straight for my set, I just […]