Mar 242017

March is often a favorite month for a Moontribe Full Moon Gathering. The weather can be amazing, not too cold at night and toasty during the day (but not blisteringly so). Lots of people have been hibernating for the winter. If FMG falls on a weekend, it’s practically paving the way for a happy and well-attended event. That’s what this past gathering was like. Well over 1000 people, all smiles, happy to be out amongst friends old and new, enjoying the warmth. The vibe was on point, and I was honored to be invited to play the closing set, which was timed just right to end just after moonrise (hence the title). The energy is a little all over the place, as I was reading the last dregs of energy from the crowd and adjusting accordingly. It was at the end of 24 hours of party, so most people were a little worse for the wear – me included. I’ve learned to accept that the live sets when I’m sleep-deprived may contain a rough mix or two – at least to my ears. I was told many times people enjoyed the track selection so it feels like a good mix to share.


1. Kaya Project – Deep Kaya (Zen Baboon mix)
2. Desert Dwellers – Bodhi Tree Dub (Amani’s Desert Freak Remix)
3. Deep Dive Corp – Lucsus
4. Squarepusher – Plaistow Flex Out
5. EU – Love Me
6. Boards of Canada – Aquarius
7. Sola Rosa – Scratch Apprentice
8. 3 Wise Monkeys – It’s Gonna Rain
9. Hello Mellow – Eat Sleep Sit Repeat
10. Sixis & Expedizion – Awakening World (Sixis Revision)
11. Beatroots – Nutritious Dub
12. Kangding Ray – Palisades
13. Martins Garden – Jinn
14. Shen – Embrace (Deadbeat’s Soaking in the Dub Mix)
15. Patio – Sofa Bunk Bed
16. The Flashbulb – Parkways
17. Pilgrims of the Mind – Sandcastle
18. Ishdub feat. Davide Cataro – Introspective (Kaya Project Remix)
19. Pitch Black – Filtered Senses
20. D-Echo Project – Howl (Hibernation Mix)
21. Motion Drive – Deep Fried Dub
22. AtYya – Emanating (Hakuu Remix)
23. iinaK – Falling Out
24. Krusseldorf – Rain Across the Gemini
25. Edamame – Indigo Pigments
26. Data Rebel – Icikle
27. Ocoeur – Light

Aug 262013

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

In June 2013, the community I call home, Moontribe, celebrated its 20th year of existence under the Full Moon. I opened the gathering with this somewhat eclectic mix of ambient and near-ambient treats.

1. @wazuhiru – Velimir’s Sea
2. @phone-booth-robbers – Winter at Zabriskie Point
3. Bering Strait – Luna
4. Govinda – Clear with Fantasy
5. Ultimae – 10-low-tide-explorations – Low Tide Explorations
6. Jon Anderson – Speed Deep (The Future Sound of London Deseo Reconstruction Mix)
7. Nicolas Jaar – Almost Fell
8. Kiyoko – Valley
9. Markhjorthoy – Animat-liquid-fuel-mark – Liquid Fuel (Mark Hjorthoy’s Floating in the Stars Mix)
10. Stray – When It Rains
11. Journeyman – 50cc Part 2 (33 rpm)
12. Blamstrain – Linja (Mosaik Remix)
13. 36 – A Final Thought
14. Misledconvoy – Lost-in-the-valley-of-the – Lost in the Valley of the Scintilla Strings (Misled Convoy Mix)

Aug 262013

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

This is a live recorded mix from my set at Moontribe, Full Moon Gathering, March 2013. It contains some slightly more energetic downtempo but ends gently and ambiently. My favorite kind of flow for a closing set.

Mastered to perfection by Brian Saitzyk aka @easternsun


1. Electricwest – The Inability to Relate Pt. 2
2. Celt Islam – Against the Grain
3. Third Ear Audio – The End
4. Nautilus – Nine Miles
5. Digitalis – Cold Fusion
6. KiloWatts – Deliriously
7. Lee Burton – Crash
8. TD Project – Always a Message
9. Dream Stalker – Dialekt
10. Erot – Into the Deep Consciousness
11. Kodomo – Concept 1
12. Quanta – Recept (Griff’s Footprints on the Brain Mix)
Scann-Tec – Phone Call (Live Edit)
Electricwest – Bruises
Hibernation – Singularity
Gaudi – Chaine a Chaine
Ace Ventura & Lish – Into the Light (Bluetech Mix)
Dream Stalker – Kair
Vakuum Sounds – Journey After a Snakebite
Kiyoko – Shinagawa
Aes Dana – Jetlag Corporation
Frederic Robinson – So Close To Being Human
Evac – What Once Was West (feat. Rena Jones)
Chinese Man – He Said
Occam – Anzix
Rumpistol & Red Baron – Dinosaurs
Rain Dog – Beyond Their Years (DJ Maggie Edit)
VidasM – Lime Flavour

Jun 112012

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

In May of this year, the Full Moon fell on the day of my birth, and so I was able to play a set on my actual birthday – something I’d never been able to do before. In fact, I was playing at the actual time of my birth as well – such a treat. I’d been collecting a bunch of new music that branched out into a more glitchy, IDM-like space than I’d ever played before, and I was inspired. I also knew it would likely be a longer set to play, as people might not be ready to wind all the way down after the usual 1.5-2 hours. I had so much fun playing! Even more delightful, when my set was finished, as I stood there packing up my gear, I was surprised by a spontaneous singing of “Happy birthday” from the 60-odd folks who were left on the dancefloor. As I looked out among friendly faces of my beloved community, I felt more at home than ever. How’d we get so lucky?


1. Iacchus – Boss Frog
2. Hibernation – Beautiful Sky
3. J Viewz – Feeler
4. Friends Electric – Pondlife
5. Metaphorical Cloud – Gardens
6. Keramick & Lobo – Answers (Rumpistol Mix)
7. Rumpistol – G.T.
8. Auma – The Old Magick
9. Random Rab – Shishala
10. Trifonic – Infiltration
11. Kodomo – Concept 10
12. Of Porcelain – Remembering Self
13. Mauxuam – B4 After
14. Doof – Mantra
15. Bluetech – Emerald Epiphytes (KiloWatts RattleFunk Mix)
16. Occam – Midnight Taper
17. Lunchbox – Swordfish
18. Hibernation – Seven Steps
19. Trifonic – Parks On Fire
20. Murya – Grey Daze
21. Pilgrims of the Mind – Sandcastle
22. Berkstroem – Melodic Jewel
23. Deep Dive Corp – Lucsus
24. Hermitude – Mystical Herm’s
25. Obo – Slide Burn I & II
26. Parov Stelar – I Hold You
27. The Eff Word – TBC (Crustation Slow Mix)
28. Orbient – In Time
29. I Awake – Reflecting Impulses
30. Electricwest – Bruises
31. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Endospore
32. Helios – Jaguar Sun


Apr 182012

Spring has been a busy season around here so far, and we’re not even halfway through it! Next up is a dream gig – a music festival taking place at a gorgeous hot springs campground in Baja, Mexico. I’ve played there before, years ago, and have always wanted to return. Private hot springs pools in each campsite, a larger warm pool big enough for a hundred people, and a 20-minute walk to a waterfall that’s to die for…what more could a downtempo DJ ask for? I’ll be taking some pictures for sure, so hopefully will have something to share when the dust settles after my return.

The event is called Electric Poncho and online ticket sales have concluded, but I believe there are still onsite tickets for sale by cash only on a first come first serve basis…check out the Website for more information.

After that, I’ll be playing a special birthday closing set at the Moontribe May Full Moon Gathering, and then it’s time for a week spent visiting family in the Midwest. My weekend duffel bag seems to always be at the ready these days!

Feb 072012

Stream and download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

My first new studio mix in a while. It’s been an interesting year, with my creative time being split more between DJ bookings and photography, and not nearly as much time in the studio as I would have liked. Hence, the fact that I’ve been sitting on this mix for 11 months, hoping to find some time to tinker with it and add some special touches. Now that it’s done, I am happy to present it to you.


1. Pharoelidae – Vector Equilibrium
2. Rena – Photosynthesis (Nalepa Mix)
3. Mirror System – Mirror Beach (Pitch Black Sands Rerub)
4. Spectralite – Ocean
5. Tranquility Bass – Ionosphere
6. Pitch Black – Flex (Automattic Rerub)
7. Eat Static – Abnormal Interference
8. Third Ear Audio – Just a Moment
9. Sick-E – Insanity Waits (feat. Phour Trakk)
10. Hibernation – Lazy Radio
11. Square Key – Bridges
12. Vakuum Sounds – A Journey After a Snakebite
13. Cell – The Gate
14. Deru – Echoes of Me
15. Seven Ark – Sixteen
16. Jon Hopkins – A Drifting Up
17. Shen – Embrace (Deadbeat’s Soaking In The Dub Remix)
18. Bluetech – Elementary Particles (Re-Edit)
19. Rumpistol – Nice Man
20. Eu – Love Me
21. Orsten – Fleur Blanche
22. Portishead – Wandering Star
23. Sola Rosa – Scratch Apprentice
24. Forss – Paradigm Shift
25. Long Arm – The Branches (Instrumental)

Nov 292011

November went by far too fast for my tastes. There we were, celebrating Halloween, and seemingly in the blink of an eye Thanksgiving has come and gone and we’re staring down the barrel at the end of 2011. How’d that happen?

It’s been a year since I had my photo show, which affords me a chance to look back and contemplate the state of my photographic life. I had no lofty goals in mind for this passion of mine; just a chance to share the bits of this world that I happen to come upon through my lens. It’s been a rewarding and often humbling experience.

Recently I became enamored of the photographic community over on Google+, which at the moment seems to make up the bulk of the stimuli I’m experiencing over there. Casually participating in conversations with newbies and pros alike, it’s been a revelation to me to at last feel like I’ve found my peers. (Nothing personal to you, Flickr community; I still love you too)

In working to reshape the ways in which I share my work, and frankly, to make it more accessible to those who might actually want an image of mine hanging on their wall, I am pleased to announce that I have restructured my pricing for all my print work and have adjusted my online store accordingly. I enjoyed a small boon of sales last year surrounding my show, and while my main focus has not been on selling my work, I can’t deny the deep satisfaction in knowing someone who likes my work enough to want to invest in it. And so it goes.

If you’re at all inclined, head on over to my store to see what’s offered. There are the usual prints, along with gallery wraps, floating prints for the wall, and desk stands. (Those floating pieces are so cool…I’m thinking I may want one for myself soon!) I’ve expanded the galleries a bit, adding shots I had previously kept private, and moving things around so that they reflect the galleries I keep around the Web on Facebook, Flickr and Google+. Please feel free to leave a comment on a shot or a gallery if something strikes your fancy. I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve been allowing my DJ life to simmer on the back burner a bit in the last couple of months, after my flurry of activity at the end of the summer. I worked hard on synchronizing my photographic expression, but now it’s time to return to a sense of balance, and I have a few delicious gigs coming up that are worth mentioning. At the moment, they are:

– Dec. 10-11 – Moontribe Full Moon Gathering (invitation-only; location private)

– Dec. 21 – Opening set for Luminous Movement (hosted by J Brave of the Luminaries) (Zanzibar in Santa Monica; see here for details)

– Dec. 31 – 2012 Awakening New Year’s Eve (Hummingbird Ranch in Simi Valley; see here for details)

That’s all the news I have for now – thanks for reading!

Sep 282010

Unfortunately, I no longer have the lossless WAV version of this mix so I’ve posted the 320 mp3 I still have. If you can download it, I would recommend doing so, as streaming it from SoundCloud will result in it being transcoded twice. Download from SoundCloud link above, or from here.

One of my favorite anniversary sets for Moontribe was for the 16-year anniversary, in 2009. It was the closing set, winding the gathering down after three solid days of amazing music and celebration, and it was the first time I ever got asked to play an encore…and then the entire dancefloor came together, me included, into a circle of holding hands, smiling faces, and love, so much love. A truly memorable moment that feeds my soul.


1. Rumpistol – Sdr Fasanvej Kl. Ca. 22:00
2.The Black Seeds – Almost Home (Jet Jaguar remix)
3. Tranquility Bass – Ionosphere
4. Alexkid – Day 3
5. Canedrive – Cut n Run
6. Sunday Sessions – Look Back in Wonder
7. Hardfloor – Dubdope
8. Langoth – What a Family (Karuan Mix)
9. Noiseshaper – Dunk
10. Eighty Mile Beach – There Are No Right Angles Found in Nature (Thievery Corp. mix)
11. Dadamnphreaknoizphunk – Socks and Strings and SP12
13. Sola Rosa – Scratch Apprentice
14. Tipper – Daved and Confused
15. Tycho – Send and Receive
16. Keramick and Lobo – Nocturne
17. Xerxes – Angelina (Miu’s I Pick Olives from the Sun Mix)

Sep 282010
Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

I played this set at sunset during Moontribe’s 14-year anniversary gathering in the Owens Valley. Psy-chill, eclectic chill and ending with ambient. My first mix made with Ableton Live.


Hector Zazou – Into Your Dreams
Cell – The Gate
Dark Side of the Moog – Psychedelic Brunch Part V
Akasha Project – Cosmic Garden (Earthly Year Solar Day)
The Flashbulb – Addict Swelling
Jon Hopkins – Sleepwalker
Xerxes – Pirayana
Patio – Sofa Bunk Bed
The Flashbulb – Parkways
Pitch Black – Empty Spaces Missing Units (Module’s Happy Machine Mix)
The Sushi Club – Mujo
Makyo – Soar Angelic
Cell – Brother
Ooze – Quintessence
Solar Fields – Air Song
Harold Budd & Hector Zazou – And Then She Stepped Aside