Sep 282010
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This is an excerpt of a set designed for the record release party of “Chime”, a compilation released by Ball of Waxx Records. I played the opening set at Technique/Zanzibar. It’s an exploration of slightly more IDM/minimal sounds than anything I had tried before.


Mantaray – Discovery
Aerostatic – Continuous
Nalepa – Breakfast in Bed
Brothomstates – Mdrmx
Dub Tractor – A Second
Rumpistol – Nice Man
Eu – Love Me
Boards of Canada – In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country
Rena Jones – The Passing Storm
Helios – Radiohead Remix 2
Hibernation – Melt
Kangding Ray – Palisades
Sympath – Zero Sum
Kiln – Flycatcher
Benge – Elan

Sep 282010

Stream from the above link, or download here.

I had the distinct honor of playing on a lineup with three good friends at Club Zanzibar one night. This set was directly inspired by their presence, and features many tracks produced by friends and friends of friends. A little dub, a bit of psychill, a smattering of trip hop, and a whole lot of love.


Maneesh de Moor – Oracle
Helios – Nine Black Alps
Leo Abraham – Spider (Jon Hopkins Remix)
Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor – Dreamcatcher
Radiate – Witchkraft
Saru – Something Stronger (Greg Long Mix)
Paddy Free – Lali
Karuan – Feeling of Us Two
Orbient – In Time
The Jazzual Suspects – Ba Dada
Sola Rosa – Scratch Apprentice
Xerxes – Pirayana
Bluetech – Kingdom of the Blind (Third I Mix)
Hibernation – Trickle
Sympath – Zero Sum
Jon Hopkins – Sleepwalker
The Flashbulb – Addict Swelling
Shakatura – Sage