Sep 282010

Stream from the link above, or download here.

I designed this set for a holiday party hosted by my former photography school in Los Angeles. It’s cocktail-party music with jazzy elements and a little trip hop.


Sola Rosa – Sleepwalker
Tosca – Every Day and Every Night
Sandspider – The Groove
Dave Wallace – Expressions (Part 2)
Fink – Good Day for Hippos
The Eff Word – TBC (Crustation Slow Mix)
Nick Nack – Unarmed & Dangerous
George Pallikaris – In Search Of
Crustation – Hey
9 Lazy 9 – Electric Lazyman (Journeyman’s Remix)
PolyGroovers – Mon Chaton
Megablast – Sun
Uptight People – Get Uptight Man
Noiseshaper – Dunk
Daddy’s Favourite – Do It
Sonoluce – Eye Move (Baby Mammoth Remix)
Black Mighty Orchestra – Ocean Beach (Cybophonia Remix)
Mama Oliver – Eastwest (Stoned Together)
Tosca – Orozco (Dubphonic Dub)
Plastyc Buddha – String Vibe (Minus 8 Remix)
Praful – Sigh (Maneesh de Moor Remix)
Baby Mammoth – Finale (Vana-Bar Remix)
DJ Food – Gold in My Pocket
dZihan & Kamien – Stiff Jazz
Electroslide – Pick Me Up

Sep 282010
Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

I played this set at sunset during Moontribe’s 14-year anniversary gathering in the Owens Valley. Psy-chill, eclectic chill and ending with ambient. My first mix made with Ableton Live.


Hector Zazou – Into Your Dreams
Cell – The Gate
Dark Side of the Moog – Psychedelic Brunch Part V
Akasha Project – Cosmic Garden (Earthly Year Solar Day)
The Flashbulb – Addict Swelling
Jon Hopkins – Sleepwalker
Xerxes – Pirayana
Patio – Sofa Bunk Bed
The Flashbulb – Parkways
Pitch Black – Empty Spaces Missing Units (Module’s Happy Machine Mix)
The Sushi Club – Mujo
Makyo – Soar Angelic
Cell – Brother
Ooze – Quintessence
Solar Fields – Air Song
Harold Budd & Hector Zazou – And Then She Stepped Aside