Cruising Altitude

Cruising Altitude

DJ Maggie · Cruising Altitude

Astronox Festival in Texas, October 2022. A rare thing occurred - I got to play a two-hour closing set at the end of the insanely inspiring lineup of Saturday night, before a morning sound break. There are some major wiggles in this set, of the crunchy/glitchy variety, in keeping with the flow for the night. Ending with some gentle touches, like a sonic hug.

Easyjack - Soul Diversion (unreleased)
Ekorce - Genetic Poetry
Vicious Cactus - Jazzy Hall
Tactyl - Out of Your Spell
Bugbites - Ransom
ATYYA - Chronos
Liquid Bloom & Poranguí - Regreso al Agua (Geometrae Remix Instrumental)
Shwamp - Wonky
Erothyme - Iris Hop (pheel. Remix)
Pedra Branca - Kalahari (Kalya Scintilla remix)
Ecention - Hidden Geometries
Grouch - Computer Language (ft Foldy)
Nada - Numbers
beatfarmer - Jedi Shake (Weka remix)
Evil Oil Man - Circuits (feat. Dirty Hippy)
Sigil - Liberation (feat. Marco Rosa)
Twin Shape & Shwamp - D&N
ADM x EVE - Empyrean
Faelow - Cave Pool
Porangui - Suenos de la Selva (AtYya Remix)
ali dada - lauf (mfj dub)
CloZee - Rain Dance (feat. ESCPE)
Dillard - Introspective
Player Dave - Boundless Perception w- FLY
Massive Attack - Teardrop
Mike Sheridan - Stjernekiggeri