Deeply tuned in

Art as therapy process

Maggie's artistic process

All of the designs on the clothing and home goods are pieces of digital art I've created. When I make digital art, I start by selecting a photographic image I've taken that resonates with me. It could be a landscape, a macro, or an abstract subject, but I always look for something that has a certain visual quality that I can play with. Then, using various art applications, I begin to manipulate the image into a symmetrical or kaleidoscopic pattern. I love exploring the different ways that the original image can be transformed into something completely new and unexpected.

Once I have the basic structure of the image in place, I move to Photoshop, where I work on separating the various layers of the image. This allows me to hand-paint sections of the image, adding in my own personal touches and bringing out different textures and tonalities. I find that this process of layering and painting is incredibly meditative and therapeutic, as I lose myself in the details of each brushstroke.

Overall, my artistic process is all about experimentation and exploration. I love taking something that already exists and pushing it to its limits, discovering new possibilities and creating something that is uniquely my own. Digital art allows me to play with different techniques and mediums in a way that is both liberating and exciting.