Hold My Hand - Mix for The Magical Hour Podcast

Hold My Hand - Mix for The Magical Hour Podcast

🎩 m⩓g𝗂c𝗂⩓ns ✨ · THE MⱭGICⱭL HOUR ✨ eƥ.99 💫 Ɗȷ Mɑggie ❤️💫 (04.12.22)

I was invited to make a super mellow 1-hour set for this podcast, The Magical Hour, produced by DJ Shankari. I called it "Hold My Hand".

Waveshaper - Autonomous Phenomena (Zaibatsu Mix)
Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot - Nefelibata (Stillhead Reengineered)
Book Of Changes - LayDawn
Data Rebel - Ecliptic
Pitch Black - The Lake Within
Liquid Memoirs - Meditate
Spiral System - Rain
Snakestyle & Tove Aradala - Hoburgsgubben (Snakestyle Exclusive Instrumental)
Bop - Winter Mood [2008]
Helios - Their Places
Klik & Frik - Cedofeita
Easyjack - heiliger dankgesang (unreleased)
Nigel Mullaney - On Reflection I Should Have Stayed
Rain Dog - The Sunny Side Of The Ocean
Illuvia - Messenger (Epilogue)
Stillhead - Spirit Remains
Zen Baboon - Spotting Leopards