Heading to Mexico!

Spring has been a busy season around here so far, and we're not even halfway through it! Next up is a dream gig - a music festival taking place at a gorgeous hot springs campground in Baja, Mexico. I've played there before, years ago, and have always wanted to return. Private hot springs pools in each campsite, a larger warm pool big enough for a hundred people, and a 20-minute walk to a waterfall that's to die for...what more could a downtempo DJ ask for? I'll be taking some pictures for sure, so hopefully will have something to share when the dust settles after my return. The event is called Electric Poncho and online ticket sales have concluded, but I believe there are still onsite tickets for sale by cash only on a first come first serve basis...check out the Website for more information. After that, I'll be playing a special birthday closing set at the Moontribe May Full Moon Gathering, and then it's time for a week spent visiting family in the Midwest. My weekend duffel bag seems to always be at the ready these days!