Sixteen Candles

DJ Maggie · Sixteen Candles
Unfortunately, I no longer have the lossless WAV version of this mix so I've posted the 320 mp3 I still have. If you can download it, I would recommend doing so, as streaming it from SoundCloud will result in it being transcoded twice. Download from SoundCloud link above. One of my favorite anniversary sets for Moontribe was for the 16-year anniversary, in 2009. It was the closing set, winding the gathering down after three solid days of amazing music and celebration, and it was the first time I ever got asked to play an encore...and then the entire dancefloor came together, me included, into a circle of holding hands, smiling faces, and love, so much love. A truly memorable moment that feeds my soul. Tracklist: 1. Rumpistol - Sdr Fasanvej Kl. Ca. 22:00 2.The Black Seeds - Almost Home (Jet Jaguar remix) 3. Tranquility Bass - Ionosphere 4. Alexkid - Day 3 5. Canedrive - Cut n Run 6. Sunday Sessions - Look Back in Wonder 7. Hardfloor - Dubdope 8. Langoth - What a Family (Karuan Mix) 9. Noiseshaper - Dunk 10. Eighty Mile Beach - There Are No Right Angles Found in Nature (Thievery Corp. mix) 11. Dadamnphreaknoizphunk - Socks and Strings and SP12 13. Sola Rosa - Scratch Apprentice 14. Tipper - Daved and Confused 15. Tycho - Send and Receive 16. Keramick and Lobo - Nocturne 17. Xerxes - Angelina (Miu's I Pick Olives from the Sun Mix)