Wiggle Waggle

Wiggle Waggle

DJ Maggie · Wiggle Waggle

Dusting this one off from the archives. This was a set I played at a private birthday party for friends in October 2019. This one definitely has a wiggly energy to it.

Nanda - Inner Vision
D-Echo Project - Malaki
Pitch Black - Filtered Senses
Shen - Tenryu-Ji
Spoonbill and Mr. Bill - Moon Swagger
Temple Step Project - Distant Temple (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
Expedizion & Sixis - Awakening World (Seamoon Remix)
Tea Tree - Tea Tech
Mauxuam - B4 After
Circada - Naissance
Rain Dog - Dream is Destiny
Darklord Gob - Tailored Increments
kLL sMTH - Systematic Anomaly
Somatoast - Obscurity Security
Emog - Freefall
Tea Tree - Nen
Alex Cortiz - Funkalicious
Govinda - Hypnotic (redubbed)
Kaya Project - Burning Spirit
Mr Squatch - The Squatch Expands Life (Grouch in Dub Remix) - ft. Ganga Giri
AtYyA - Oceanic (Desert Dwellers Remix)
Grouch - Computer Language (ft Foldy)
Lo.Renzo - Tonle Sap